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History! With Sarah Palin

I swear I posted this a long, long time ago but maybe I just tweeted them out.  Either way, it’s too brilliant to not put out there.  Introducing my new show idea: 

"History! with Sarah Palin"

Explore history with America’s leading authority on the past.

Episode 1: How nuking Vietnam defeated the Nazis and ended World War I.

Episode 2: George Washington crosses the Atlantic to win the Civil War.

Episode 3: William Howard Taft and The Battle of The Bulge.

Episode 4: The Korean War, America’s first battle with the Taliban.

Episode 5: Orville and Wilbur Wright built the first rocket to Mars.

Episode 6: What really happened the night Lincoln was shot at that address in Gettysburg?

Episode 7: Thomas Jefferson discovers electricity using a key carved from a cherry tree.

Episode 8: The Boston Tea Party leads to revolution and the First Continental Breakfast.

Episode 9: How the Renaissance fought against the Japanese occupation of France.

Episode 10: Louis Armstrong lands the space shuttle on Mars.

Episode 11: Einstein invents the film camera, the birth of the lamestream “Gotcha!” media.

Episode 12: President Watergate resigns in the wake of the Exxon scandal.

Episode 13: Davy Crockett defends Pearl Harbour from the Chinese attack.

History Channel? I’m waiting for your call…

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